Maplewood, Minnesota White Pages

Maplewood White Pages

Phone numbers that begin with the Minnesota area code typically belong to someone who lives in Maplewood. You can use this phone number to search the Minnesota white pages for information about the phone number owner, including their name, address, and other public records. 

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State Minnesota

County Ramsey County

Area code 218 320 507 612 651 763 952

Rank in State 24th

Rank in Country 964th

Population 40,795

Land Area (mi²) 17,0 sq mi

Density (mi²) 2,393,50/sq mi

ZIP codes 55106, 55119

Median Household Income $75,074

Estimated per capita income $34,336

Median Age 38,6 years

Males (50,0%)

Females (50,0%)